My journey as a young founder in their early 20s

It took the madmen of yesterday for us to able to act with clarity today, I dare to be one of those madmen| Thomas Sankara, is one of my favorite quotes I have adopted into how I live today. What I have learnt in the short 24 years of my life is humans are comfortable with the familiar and most secure and it takes courage to break out of that mindset frame. In the begin of every journey, whether a success or a failure, some see courage and some see idiocy its human nature.

Flashback to when what is Dawa Clinic today was still chunks of abstracts, a lot of my friends didn't believe in its viability and worse of my small team and I’s ability in executing it. When I reflect back on those days today I just smile with how some of our biggest critics back then have turned into our biggest supporters today. With this enlightenment I have come to believe the statement, ‘its possible for ordinary people to chose to be extraordinary’. This is so because there is nothing really extraordinary about my team and I, just mere self-belief, perseverance and consistency that has carried us to where we are today.

What I have seen as to whether a journey is going to be a success or a lesson is one’s ability to leverage on a lot of mentor-ship. With a why in mind of why we’re doing what we’re doing it has given me a relentless stubbornness to hold onto what I envision of the world. However I have also learnt that a lot of assumptions I had at the beginning of my journey were wrong and I have adjusted accordingly. I have come to accept that an overnight success takes a lot of years in the making. It is in the process that character is modeled and one see people who truly wish them the best.

Ever since we started am humbled to say we got the Peoples’ Choice Award|BongoHive 2018, got listed as part of the 10 startups to watch in Zambia| 2019, nominated for three SAIS Awards 2019. We have pivoted on a number of things but our why has remained fortified. My dream is to democratize healthcare and allow the most underprivileged African to benefit out of that. We’re keeping at it until we have impacted a million lives.

In this journey I have had to make a lot of sacrifices and most of them suck honestly, there are no elevators up its just stairs. I have lost some relationships with the most painful one being my ex-best friend, she was more than just a girlfriend. Its funny I just had a small tear spring from the corner of my eye when I typed that lol. I hope one day I can say it was all worth it. We are still learning and growing strong the journey continues!!

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” | George Bernard Shaw

Co-Founder of Dawa Health a community of pregnant and nursing mothers| Living in Lusaka

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